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Over 20 years have passed since first we started to produce flexible dies. Our flexible dies (etching blade・corroding blade) have long cutting life with many kinds of cutting shape. Our flexible dies can cut hard film materials as well as standard paper lables.

Test Cutting

We can process a wide variety of materials, from paper to metal.
We will do a test cut if you give us the material.
Please contact us for more information.

What is Flexible Die?

Flexible die is metalic plate which has die cutter with micron unit order precision attained through etching(corroding blade) and machining process, and attached to magnetic cylinder for cutting and punching.

【An example of a product punched with a flexible die】


Various printing label


Various printing label


 Seal, Business form, Various film


Flexible Die

【We are prepared to supply high hardness type with long life】
We have two types of flexible dies. One is ordinary hardness type, and the other is high hardness type. High hardness type, which is processed through special heat treatment, has four times long life compared to ordinary ones. (according to our data)

【Advanced option is available】
The special treatment that prevents the adhesive from sticking to die while processing adhesive has evolved into the “New SK Coat”.

【DLC coat available as an option】
Diamond Like Carbon coating greatly improves wear resistance

【High precision through machine processing of die】
 Land angle and width can be adjusted according to materials’ kind, thickness, and processing method.

【Caliper formation to match various separators】
 Caliper can be formed with micron unit precision, and applied to blue glassine, white glassine, and yellow craft with one cylinder.

【High performance die with different types of die blades】

You can make both full-cut and half-cut with one flexible die plate by setting up different height of die baldes. You can also combine bembossing, perforation, endless processing etc.


Double Blade






Endless processing of joints

【Original free curve line 】
Even freely designed curve line for indeterminate outline can be precisely molded on the plate. Any type of pattern from geometric structure to artistic beauty can be molded.
Supports CAD data (ai, dxf)

【High quality, low price and short delivery time】
 Although prices vary according to shape, size, hardness, our products are competitively priced with shortest lead time possible.

【Mounting way is chosen according to machine specification】
Flexible dies can be attached according to the machine specifications, such as magnetic sticking and insertion, and various cylinders can be manufactured.
Positioning pins are also available as an option.

Insert type

Micromachining Technology

With the etching technology we have cultivated in the manufacture of flexible dies, we also accept fine processing on the surface of thin plates.

Example of thin plate microfabrication

Magnetic cylinder

Magnet cylinder with flexible die mounted which is best suited for punching process. Magnetic power can be chosen from three types of magnets, and efficient attachment of flexible die is made possible.

【3 magnet types are ready】

●Ferrite・・・・・・・・・・・ 2000 Gauss(200 mStella)
●Samarium-cobalt ・・・・・・ 4000 Gauss(400 mStella)
●Neodymium・・・・・・・・・・ 4500 Gauss(450 mStella)

【Available in various sizes】
・ We will support the size according to your request.
 ex. Magnet area: width 1,000 mm or more
We have a track record of maximum diameter of φ300 mm or more