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We introduce 5 divisions system
Manufacturing highly evaluated by the world

Machine Business

Consistently pursuing high accuracy and precision, we are dedicated to developing a wide range of products such as industrial machines, machine tools, printing machines. We always combine existing technologies with technical innovation, accommodate customers’ needs based on our thorough market research and strongly committed to developing new products. Therefore, we promise that we continue providing excellent products. With the latest mechatronics, Sanjo Machine Works’ products have received a high evaluation overseas as well as demestically and earned confidence worldwide.


Developing and manufacturing the next generation of machines and systems to meet the world’s needs.

  • 産業機械・専用機

    Industrial Machine & Specialized Machine

    Cigarette Use Filter Production Machine
    Original Industrial Machine

  • 工作機械

    Machine Tool

    Drawing Process Type Broaching Machine
    Work Piece Moving Type Broaching Machine

  • ラベル印刷機

    Label Printing Machine

    Electrophotographic system(EP) printer
    Intermittent Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine
    Intermittent Rotary Offset Printing Machine

Rotary Die Business

Rotary die of for cutting and punching various kinds of material is one of our main products. Such rotary dies are designed to cut or punch nonwoven fabric, paper, metalic foil in continuous way , and adopted in wide range of industries such as printing, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging , IT, sanitary etc. And flexible dies have long cutting life with many kinds of cutting shape. Our flexible dies can cut hard film materials as well as standard paper lables.

  • ロータリーダイ

    Rotary Die

    Rotary Die
    Die Unit

  • フレキシブルダイ

    Flexible Die

    Flexible Die
    Magnetic cylinder

Forging Business

The Forging Department has its proprietary technologies that can be used to manufacture accurate and precisive yet light products and boasts the highest level technologies in the world. Our automated production lines enable us to manufacture precisive products with more reliability and higher uniformity. Also, we have established integrated production lines from forging to machining and assebly. Therefore, we have considerable advantages of rigorously implementing quality and production controls from materials warehousing operation to molding, production inspection.


  • 鍛工品

    Forging Products

    Connected Rods
    Rocker Arm

Diecasting Mold Business

Our top priority is to meet any needs with our long year’s experience since 1962 and future oriented technologies. We have introduced electronics technologies such as CAD/CAM earlier and established our comprehensive production system from prototypes to finished products. Accordingly we will develop our molding business further to shorten the lead time for high precision mold.


  • ダイカスト金型

    Diecasting Mold

    Small Precision Parts
    Large Parts

Products List of the System Plant Division

The System Plant Division is responsible for designing, manufacturing, installing automated transportation systems , focusing on factory automation for factories.

  • 鍛工品

    Automated Transportation System

    From design to installation and maintenance

Global expansion of the Sanjo Machine Works groupWe, all Sanjo groups expand our business into Asian-Pacific market.

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