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【We design and produce dies to meet various needs of customers】

Our top priority is to meet any needs with our long year’s experience since 1962 and future oriented technologies.

We have introduced electronics technologies such as CAD/CAM earlier and established our comprehensive production system from prototypes to finished products.
Accordingly we will develop our molding business further to shorten the lead time for high precision mold.

Main Products

①Aluminum Casting Die  ②Magnesium Casting Die  ③Zinc Casting Die  ④Squeeze Casting Die  ⑤Gravity Die  ⑥Low-Pressure Casting Die  ⑦Die casting Mold of Every Kind  

⑧Parts manufactured by large processing machine

Wide range from small precision parts to large parts

The diecasting mold is one of The Forging Division mainstay products.The Manufacturing responsible for manufacturing diecasts is highly systematized with large-scale machines to fulfill our goal of supplying all types of dies.

We supply dies to manufacture everything from small parts for office automation equipment to dies for transmissions and cylinder blocks and 50ton through 4000ton machines.


Large processing by a horizontal machining center


Large processing by a double column type machining center

Technology for High Quality and Swift Delivery

The skills of our engineers are augmented by CAD/CAM systems to develop original die technology.

These systems enable the processing of three-dimensional curved surfaces and elaborately complex shapes.
A continuous production system, including materials selection, machine processing, grinding, and heat treatment ensures timely response to user’s requirements.

Also, we receive a high evaluation for high-precision die alignment. Based on the quality control certified by ISO9001, we manage all the production process to increase
customer’s satisfaction.

High-precision finishing operations(Die alignment)

Production results

Use Production item Casting machine
Automobile Products Transmission case・Cylinder block 1650ton~2500ton
Computer Products HDD case 135ton~350ton
Consumer electronics and OA equipment Inverter case・Television frame 350ton~800ton
Construction and Machinery Escalator step 2500ton~3500ton