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Corporate History

During the Pacific War in 1942, Sanjo Machine Works, Ltd was established at Sanjo city in Niigata prefecture, which is well
known for hardware producing area.
Afterwards, going through a difficult phase of the war, we have been successfully doing business for over 70 years.

Founder Taichiro Yuki

Dec.1938 The Company starts in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, as a jointly operated factory of the Sanjo Steel
Machinery Guild of small household hardware concerns.
Jul.1942 Officially established as Sanjo Machine Works, Ltd., the Company takes over the guild’s facilities and manufacturing machine tools as wholly owned subsidiary of Niigata Ironworks Co., Ltd. The forging section also starts production. The Company’s capital is ¥500 thousand.
Nov.1945 Following the closure of Niigata Ironworks Co., Ltd. for reparations, the Company beigins manufacturing cigarette-processing equipment to help
reconstruct the Japanese Ministry of Finance’s Monopoly Bureau that had been destroyed during the war. The forging section also restarts precision
product manufacturing.
Apr.1946 The Takasaki Plant is founded in the city of Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, as a dedicated plant for cigarette-processing equipment.
Jun. 1949 The Tokyo Branch Office is opened in Chiyodaku, Tokyo.(The name was changed to the Tokyo Branch in 1970.)
Apr. 1956 The Company’s shares are listed on the Niigata Securities Exchange.
Nov.1961 The Company’s shares are listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Oct. 1962 A new Takasaki Plant is built in Kuraganomachi in line with the establishment of the Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Monopoly Corporation.
Dec. 1963 Sanjo Machine Works enters an exclusive contract with Hauni Werke, Korber & co. KG of Germany. for the sale of Tobacco
Cutting Machine. Model KT 400 A (cigarette-processing equipment) to the Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Monopoly Corporation.
Nov. 1966 The Company’s Head Office and Sanjo Plant are built in Sakaemachi, Minami Kanbara-gun.(current Sanjo-City)
Jun. 1971 Sanjo Machine Works enters a contract with the United States company, Bernal Rotarysystems Incorporation for the
exclusive manufacture and sale of rotary dies in Japan and Southeast Asia.
Sep.1971 Contracted with Robert Blohm of Germany for exclusive production and sales of Surface grinding machine in Japan and nonexclusive
production and sales in the world.
May. 1972 The Osaka Branch is opened in Osaka City.
Oct. 1975 A new Tokyo Branch is completed.
Apr. 1977 The Utsunomiya Branch Office is opened in Utsunomiya(name changed to Utsunomiya Branch in 1991).
Mar. 1980 Sanjo Machine Works enters a contract with T.Y. Miles, of the United States, to provide technical assistances on broaching maching.
May. 1981 A new Utsunomiya Branch Office is built in Hiraide Industrial Park.
Apr. 1991 Capital is increased to ¥1525 million.
Oct. 1992 Sanjo Machine Works celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Nov. 1992 A new plant containing the DS and heat treatment sections of the Die System Division is completed.
Nov. 1995 Foshan Shunde, Lecong, Sanjo Forging Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Province, China, established.
Sep. 1997 The FLX Plant (a flexible die plant of the Die System Division) is completed.
Nov. 1999 The Forging Division gets “ISO9000S”certification.
May. 2000 The Die System Division gets “ISO9001”certification.
Jun. 2000 The Machinery gets “ISO9001” certification.
Aug. 2001 Forging Headquarter’s new plant (automatic forging press line) completed.
Dec. 2003 Head office and Sanjo Plant acquire ISO 14001 certification.
Apr. 2012 Securities delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Mar. 2017 Foshan Shunde, Lecong, Sanjo Forging Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Province, China built and relocated to a new office and factory.