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Rotary die of for cutting and punching various kinds of material is one of our main products.
Such rotary dies are designed to cut or punch nonwoven fabric, paper, metalic foil in continuous way , and adopted in wide range of industries such as printing, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging , IT, sanitary etc.

What is Rotary Die?

Rotary die is die cutting cylinder to cut or punch thin and soft materials such as disposable diapers, disposable pocket warmers, food packaging material, film, metalic foil in mass production.

ロータリーダイ 3rd製品別(4_ロータリーダイ)_上部ロータリーダイ説明イラスト

Wide range of application from daily use products to industrial products

【Non-woven fabric Products】
●Sanitary napkin ●Disposable diaper ●Cosmetic cloth ●Face mask ●Toilet seat cover ●Plaster ●Poultice ●Disposable heating pad

【Paper Products】
●Various paper container ●Beverage container ●Label tack ●Fruit packaging material ●Coffee filter ●Various card

【Film Products】
●Plaster ●Film label ●Food trays ●Medical intravenous drip container

【Other Products】
●Silicon wafer transport tape ●Adhesive plaster ●Battery electrode plate ●Confectionery dough ●Gasket ●Oxygen scavenger
●Polystyrene foam ●Food packaging material ●Pharmaceuticals,Pharmaceutical packaging materials ●Aluminum foil ●Copper foil

【Main customer】
◎Paper industry ◎Wrapping industry ◎IT industry ◎Medical supply industry ◎The printing industry ◎Cosmetics industry ◎The food industry ◎Sanitary industry

Die Unit

●Compact design of our rotary die unit makes it possible to be installed into packaging machines with ease.
●The side frames which support our rotary die with ultra precise structure are extremely rigid and help to perform ideal cutting
●Our rotary dies can be utilized for every stage of productin in the form of front cutting unit, back cutting unit, and even vertical cutting type which makes cutting process possible while filling.
【System configuration】
●Unit formation from unwinding to printing, cutting, collection, and finally packaging for finish.
●Many kinds and many types of units systematize desirable porduction formation.

Die units are mounted to the specialized machine (rotary die-cut system machine).

 We are ready to design and manifacture rotary die-cut system machines centralized on rotary die unit in cooperation with our industrial machine sector.


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