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We are proud to present the Top of Intermittent Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine.
Released NSRe-250 is upgrade model than our bestseller NS-250.


NSRe-250 is the top of Intermittent Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine.
Our Quality : Available imagined reproducibility certainly
Our Design : Sophisticated mechanical design with high cost performance
Our Customer : Improved operational from the customer’s perspective





The Top of Intermittent rotary letterpress printing machine with reproducibility,
high cost performance and from the customer’s perspective


More details available below.


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– Newly released “SEP-300” – Full color digital label printer

We thank you for your continued patronage.
We have released our first Full color digital label printer, “SEP-300” since the company was
 “SEP-300” is a compact digital label printer with roll to roll, which features No specific skill,
Real-time printing and High quality.
Minimizing material loss with paper width, 100 to 310mm, the SEP-300 is capable of producing
labels from printing to processing in a consistent way, using an optional flat plate punching
With no operating experience of printer required, anybody can easily operate it. The method of
printing is high quality Electrophotographic system(EP).
Since we did reference exhibit in IGAS 2015, we have improved the SEP-300 countless times
based on customer feedback and released it. Thanks to your valuable feedback, now we cover a
wide variety of label printers. 




If there are any questions or concerns, please contact

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