Transfer System

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Comprehensively taking advantage of automation and labor-saving technologies, we always suggest cost-effective systems to meet the needs of factory
automation for many industries.

Excellent Transfer System

Our company, which has a good experience of automation for the machining lines of automotive industry, applies the technology of transfer system to other industries.
We design, produce and install the flexible transfer system which is available for any material, from lightweight to heavyweight.

Takasaki factory has been developing and manufacturing the transport system(System Plant Division)
Engine(Cylinder block) transfer device

Main Products

①Tobacco Producing Machine Equipment  ②Transfer Equipment for Automobile Production  ③Plant Equipment for General Industrial Machines  ④Factory Automation Equipment

Besides production line with automated transportation system, we also meet the needs for unitary equipment such as
machine equipment, transportation equipment, plant equipment, etc.

From design to installation and maintenance

System Plant Division, which has installed many kinds of tobacco production plant and proceeded the plant-automation for JAPAN TOBACCO INC.,
is willing to comply with the request of automation system and FA system from any other industries including design, production, installation and
maintenance by utilizing our experience and technology.


Caser/Cardboard Packing Machine


Cable Winder


Rotor Machine