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Sanjo Machine’s technology is utilized for automotive engine parts


■Rocker Arm
Rocker Arm is one of valve system component that is attached inside of the cylinder head in engine.
The thing necessary to a Rocker Arm is high precision, durability, and lightness because that conveys the movement of the camshaft to a valve.

■Connected Rods
Connected Rod connects piston and crankshaft in engine and converts piston’s linear reciprocating motion, that occur by the combustion explosive power of engine, to rotary motion.
The thing necessary to a Connected Rods is high precision, durability, and lightness because the piston is used in high speed and high pressure.

We are also capable of mass producing parts which require high strength and strict tolerances, such as automobile engine rods.
We offer high accuracy and uniformity through the exacting quality control standards in our rationalized forging system.


The Market for Connected Rods

Our product portfolio includes connected rods, which are critical
components in engines. A rod weighing only 0.3 kilograms must be made
to stringent tolerances and have considerable strength. Sanjo Machine
Works’ connected rods have earned a high profile in their market.

Product introduction(Forging Products)
Business condition Press forge   Special feature   Hot forging of accessories variant parts.(prime component weight 100g~1000g)
The forge method    Hot forging,Press forging  Lightweight-ized promotion by adoption of titanium, high-strength steel, and non heat treatment steel.
Quality of the material The steel for structures, Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy Continuous Production System from a forge material to M/C machining.
Component weight Weight:11kg~0.05kg, Average 250g The high precision forge in the system which omitted the back processes including precision punch.

Continuous Production System

Our continuous production system satisfies customer needs while helping to upgrade quality control and reduce costs. We have succeeded in
producing a titanium connected rod that is characterized by its unprecedentedly light weigth. We are also actively engaged in processing
high-strength steel and developing efficient forging technologies to simplify post-processing procedures.


Air drop hammer


Fully automatic forging press line


Connected Rods machining line

Digitalized forging molding

We introduced 3D CAD/CAM CATIA in early 1995 and started a direct carving with digitalized high speed processing machine.
We realized very minue error in shape between molds by direct carving and we can manage the material weight of connected
rods especially.
We can assure customers of quality by shortening leadtime with unattended operation for 24 hours and improving manually
finished work.




Mold high speed milling